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Things To Look For In An Office Copier for More Office Productivity

Have you watched Office Space? If yes, one of the scenes that stayed in your mind is when the three office workers smash their office printer with a baseball bat. And this is the first movie that may probably come to your mind when thinking of buying a copy machine in the office.

If you have been in a situation where you feel annoyed by your copier that did not perform up to your expectations, you will understand the three employees from this scene. Buying a new office copier is like investing in a new car; you should carefully consider the tasks the machine will perform before making a final decision.

If this is your first time buying or leasing a new office copier, you have come to the right place. This post tackles the six essential things you should consider when searching for an office copier.

1. Mobile Connectivity

The number of modern copiers and printers equipped with wireless connectivity is constantly increasing. This allows you and your whole team to print documents from any device regardless of your current location. This means that your team can submit papers to the office immediately from their laptops or phones whenever they are working away from the workstation.

2. 3 Output Speed

Most multifunction copying and printing machines are equipped with various output speeds. Some may produce at least 30 to 40 pages per minute, while others can produce more than 100 pages per minute.

In this regard, you have to consider your business’s copying and printing needs to choose the right speed option. A high-speed copier is recommended for those working or managing a large organization or company that requires high printing and copying volumes.

3. Security

Another thing you should consider is the copier’s security feature. However, this does not entail the possible bat smashers, just like in the movie. When you connect the machine to the internet, you allow professional hackers to gather sensitive information from your business. Therefore, investing in a copier with a high level of secureness is essential.

4. Wake or Warm-Up Speeds

Another important consideration is the warm-up speed of the copier. Compared to treadmills and microwaves, warming copiers would take several more minutes. In line with that, it is worth noting that copiers and printers’ wake speed may vary between 5 to 45 seconds.

On the other hand, some modern copiers come with a walk-up motion sensor feature, allowing them to warm up themselves once you need it automatically. If your company prioritizes time, choosing a copier with faster warm-up speeds is best.

5. Color Consistency

When you are in the market, you can see two kinds of copiers: the colored copier and the monochrome one. Consider the type of paper you will often print with the machine to determine whether or not a colored copier or a monochrome one is a viable option for you.

If you know that you will be printing more colored documents, investing in a colored copier is essential.

6. Accessories

If you are so busy with your hectic schedule, there’s a tendency that you will quickly forget about the supplies and accessories of your copier. And you have to make consistent purchases of these items. Regarding toner and ink, remember that no one size fits all. And other types of such accessories are far costlier than others for the production level your business needs.

Final Thoughts

Consider the factors mentioned above when buying or leasing a high-quality copier. If you are searching for a copier for lease, we at Clear Choice Technical Services can help you with that. Send us a message so we can further assist you.