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Why Xerox Office Copier?

Xerox Holdings Corporation is headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, and has distinguished itself as one of the top printers and copier manufacturers. Many firms and businesses consider them the utmost supplier of paper and electronic document products or services. In fact, they supplied technology products to over 160 countries in the world. 

Xerox office copier is one of the well-known product lines that Xerox has. It is top-of-the-line multifunction printers (MFPs) and copiers suitable for anything and for everyone. 

Since 1959, when Xerox introduced the first readily accessible plain paper photocopier market, the company has been equated with printing, copying, and quality. It’s no surprise that they are known as industry icons.

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Let’s take a look at more reasons why Xerox is a notable brand, the varieties of their products, and why we should buy them.

History of Xerox

Before Xerox became a notable name in an industry, they first started their name operations as The Haloid Photographic Company. It first opened its doors in New York in 1906, and later on, Joseph C. Wilson, the company’s president, opted to change the name to Haloid Xerox in 1958. 

However, in 1961, he again changed it to Xerox Corporation. This change was intended to consider the innovation made by one of their physicists Chester Carlson, who developed the patented software on which Xerox is based. From there, the company began as the global brand that it is today. 

The product made by Carlson helps the company in growth, sales, and profit increase. In fact, in 1949, it’s worth noting that the company released its first copier, succinctly titled “Xerox.” Because of that, they also increased their regional offices to 18, sales staff to 200, and expanded their factory in Webster, New York.

Why Should You Choose Xerox Office Copier?

There are many reasons why Xerox Office Copier stood out among the rest, such as:

Dependability and Functionality

Xerox printers and copiers are one of the most dependable and top-notch printers you’ll ever find on the market. These products indeed outperform others in everyday printing necessities in the office. It is also user-friendly that even those who are not familiar can use it properly. 

Furthermore, the newest product line of Xerox has a tablet-style interface that you can swipe and slide so you can access the ConnectKey apps. This feature can pace up and improve daily printing, copying, or scanning tasks. These Xerox printer copiers also have top-notch security as they safeguard all of your files and stable the print assessments.

These products also produce high-quality print output, superb reliability, and easy-to-replace machine components. Some of the Xerox printers and copiers with these best features are:

  • Xerox AltaLink C8030 (outstanding 30 ppm color copier MFP)
  • Xerox C8035 (outstanding 35 ppm color copier MFP) 

Energy Savings

One of the good benefits of Xerox Office Copier is that it’s environmentally friendly since it has energy conservation that is beneficial to the environment. Even before, they had a long history of creating products that would not harm the environment. One of the outputs they arrive at is toner, which demands less heat (and thus less energy).

Some of the complaint certificates of Xerox include:

  • Energy Star (US)
  • Blue Angel (Germany)
  • ECOLOGO (Canada)


As we have mentioned above, Xerox is also competitive in making high-security and safe products. Today, many cyber hackers and criminals are always on the lookout for any opportunity to attack businesses, and Xerox safeguards this matter by preventing them from using copiers and printers to gain access to the system. 

This information is not merely a bluff since Xerox obtained an International standard (ISO 15408) which assures a strict implementation of security matters, confidentiality, and data integrity. 


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