Canon Photocopiers

If you are an office based company it is highly likely you use photocopiers, there are a lot of different manufacturers each with there own benefits and exclusive machines, in this article I am going to write a bit about Canon Photocopiers:

Cannon Photocopiers

True Colour multifunctional laser photo copiers and printers

The whole range of colour copiers by canon are multifunctional. They are all printer scanner and colour copier devices. They contain the very latest digital laser technology; the range is very efficient also making the cost effective. Below are some of the models on offer:


This is one of the smallest of its type available today, it takes just 60 seconds to be ready and is environmentally friendly using only 1.2 watts of power in standby mode.


These machines are designed for medium to high office demands, where it is essential that quality colour output is required. Comes network ready and can even send your copied documents.


Designed as a slighter higher end copier this machine is a super fast dedicated copier printer and has the capability to print in full colour 51 pages in just a minute and come with high end security functions.

Black and White Photocopiers

If your company does not need to print in colour and just deals with text documents, they offer a range of black and white copiers that are more cost effective, as most businesses use coloured copiers either way now I will just give an example of 1:


This photocopier is perfect for small companies that just run usual day to day office tasks, it also has print and fax capabilities.