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How To Store Printer Toner Cartridges The Right Way?

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Making sure that the business is running without interruptions entails stocking up supplies. Toner cartridges, when stored properly, can still be used up to two years from its production date. You can calculate this by checking the production date printed either on the bottom or the side of its box. However, if you are not aware of the right ways of storing them, cartridges could end up damaged even before you can use them, so ask your color copier machine new york specialists about the best way to do it. Here are some factors to consider when storing printer supplies:

Keep a suitable temperature.

Most of the time, products come with printed information on how to use and store it. Toner cartridges are sensitive to heat, which is why they must be kept in temperature, not more than 40°C. Otherwise, the powder could melt and may result in bad quality prints when used.

At all times, the room temperature where it is stored must be controlled to ensure its quality. If there is no air conditioning unit in your office or at home, find a cooler place like cupboards. The suitable temperature is within 15-21°C.

Maintain the humidity level.

Extreme changes in humidity can also damage toner powder. When there is excessive moisture in the air, there is a tendency of the toner boxes to get dump and may result in clumping of toner powder. The use of these cartridges may also bring up uneven distribution giving off poor quality on the printed output.

Avoid putting your toner cartridges in a room with high humidity. It is best to keep it in a place with air conditioning unit as this will help manage air humidity levels.

Keep its original packaging.

Only take it out of its packaging when it is time to use it or better store it sealed on its original packaging. It has been designed to preserve its quality by keeping it safe from light, debris, and other factors which may damage it. That package also serves as protection of its drum units from any scratch. When you see lines or grainy prints on your printed output, the possible reason for this is a scratched drum unit.

Keep out from direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight is detrimental to your toner because it is sensitive to light. Always keep them in the dark dry room where direct sunlight cannot reach them. If you see missing sections on your printed output, this is an indication of the toner cartridges having been exposed to direct sunlight.

Toner cartridges are composed of particles sensitive to moisture, light, and temperature. Printers can provide good quality prints when you are using supplies in their best condition. Therefore, if you want to store spare toner cartridges, make sure to keep it in a cool, dry, and dark room. If possible, keep it on its original shipping packaging to ensure greater protection from factors which may affect its toner powder and the drum units.

The lifespan of your toner cartridges depends on the way you store them. If done with care, you are not only guaranteed with good quality high-resolution prints, but also ensure that there will be no interruptions on your printing jobs.

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