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Looking for a Copier Lease? Or Needs Copier Leasing Service?

Clear Choice Technical Services offers a wide range of equipment and services focused on copier leasing. They’ve been supporting almost all establishments including schools and businesses where their services are valuably needed. Because of their non-stop services, they are tagged as the number 1 copier lease in New York

They are on track to give the best services in all aspects of the industry. From the latest techno, they will not fail to give their customers needs in anyways. Though it seems to cost pretty much, they make sure that prices will not be a hindrance at all. 

Why is this Copier Leasing Services in New York is No. 1?

The company offers copier lease and repair services in various establishments in the country. They have been running the services for 20 years and continue to serve to give them their needs. They rely on the company in almost all seasons be it on-site or anywhere. They continue to steadfast until today to achieve their goals in the following years.

Why should you choose Clear Choice Technical Services?

  1. They offer either Normal or Short Term Lease service plans for interested individuals.
  2. Offers up-to-date equipment that meets the customer’s expectations.
  3. Includes All services and toner on both lease and rentals.

Document Management Systems Services

Today, the company owns more than 6,000 experts in the technical field in more than 60 locations in the US. With this, they continue to serve upon specializing in the following fields: Copy Machines and devices with multi-function, Computer, and networks, Mono and color printers, fax machines, plotters, binders, shredders, document and photo scanners, barcode scanners including franking machines. 

Also, they catch up in almost all major brands and their professional services are in full warranty for the benefit of the customers.

One-Stop-Shop Copier Lease Products

Aside from fixing, the company also offers lease, rental, and selling products intended to meet the customer’s needs in line with the field. Well, their one-stop-shop offers a variety of products to choose from including equipment and devices. Surprisingly, these product’s costs are affordable and customer friendly. 

These products include Copy machines, printers, fax machines, scanners for a document, photo and barcodes, plotters, advanced document management software, and toner or other consumables. 

Benefits of Leasing a Copier in the Company

First on the list is offering an affordable package of the best products and the maintenance of it. The choice of copier will be supported with high-quality services which are written on the company contract. A regular supply of toner and consumables is given to the customers to assure that they will not meet any problem with any malfunction or lack of supplies.

Second, upgrading the copier will be much easier. Purchasing a new model will not be necessary as it can be converted into the latest copier technology in no time. With this, the capability and productivity of the product will increase which will serve more function than what it has before. 

The third is the tax benefits. The copier leasing cost is deducted as business expenditure as a tax return on yearly basis. 

Aside from that, the company will help you avoid any problems and also guarantees the following services for your best function:

  1. Best technicians for quick services
  2. Offers services anytime and anywhere
  3. Unlimited services in calls without extra charges
  4. Supports customer’s queries immediately and effectively

Trusting a copier leasing service is today’s great challenge. We are into it that we must carefully choose an offer that would give us benefits in many forms. We must take note that as a customer, we must look into all aspects before purchasing. Thus, we must bear in mind all necessary tools to establish a proper service.

Clear Choice Technical Services is one of the best copier lease services in New York that you might be looking for. With all these benefits, it does not doubt that you will not encounter any problems with their services. Like a spot of ink on a paper, the services they offer are 100 percent legit and will be a gateway for the improvement of your copier leasing services.