MFP Office Support and Solutions

Probably the office is one place where people spend half of their lives trying to run the business. Machines also make the best of help and provide the needs in line with it. Printers and scanners are some machines that people in the office are very much in contact with during work hours. It works with the essential documents and files to anyone concerned about it.

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However, you should take time to review what particular multifunction copier would fit the space for it and suit your work environment.


The copier will be shared by groups or multiple departments in the office, so it is better to see to it that its print services would be managed well. Ensure that it supports workplace needs and is facilitated by wireless or wired networks. The multifunction copier should enable copying, faxing (inbound and outbound), scanning (with some duplex scanning support), printing, and emailing. 

However, there may be some additional features which include collating copies, automatic document feeders, stapling, 2-sided printing, and many others. It is an advantage that you have selected a multifunction copier that covers the present and future requirements.


Probably not all businesses may require color on the document as a requirement. You may decide with the color printing and use multiple multifunction printers available only on a limited number of units. However, some software solutions can restrict color for specific users. In business, the cost savings in supplies is very significant.


The use of high-resolution graphic output depends on your need to consider the proper device that would support images in professional quality.


The duty cycle which the printer manufacturer provides would make a better guide to monitor the production (per page) each month. Usually, multifunction printers or copiers are rated (ppm) at pages per minute. PPM would give you a better idea of how your printers’ speed could generate the workload of chosen documents. 


You need to select a device that supports its features for connectivity via standard Ethernet networking. Somehow, it is also a good idea for a wireless network as an option and depends on your expectation of utilising your printer in a big business.


Although many debates have been learned and studied on which of the two is better. The majority still find that laser printers are faster and lower the cost per page. So generally speaking, laser printers suit the offices better for large print volumes.


  • Security and managing the flow of documents are crucial. That is why it is essential to get control of what gets printed.
  • Cost is one factor to be considered in running a business. Color would always be an option since supplies for individual printers can be expensive, especially with color printing. Color is never a requirement for many documents.
  • Copying and printing should be centralised in their functions to use resources better. They could be the maintenance services, administrative staff, and IT workers.
  • Multifunction printers should be sustainable for emailing, copying, and faxing technology. It is significant to reduce the number of printed papers and transition from paper copies to digitally processed documents.


Multifunction printers or copiers have a significant part among the other devices in the office. It is responsible for printing the documents needed by the people. Therefore, it should cover support and service for the management of supplies. Total control in operational expenses will boost an effective and efficient printing service.