Office Management Techniques: How to Control Your Coloured Printing Costs

There might be printing expenses that a business overlooks to compute. For this reason, companies should understand that they can gain more control of the money by managing their color printers.

Color printers are indeed on trend because the colour is in these days. But because they are businesses, they need ways of not spending money much. Luckily, there are many ways to reduce your printing cost. 

Change Print Settings

This can be one easy to check, but sometimes the easiest to do are the things easiest to forget. Adjusting settings that apply to what kind of document is needed will cut your ink cost. 

It’s best to check if a draft mode printing is available to the printer setting. This setting reduces the Dot Per Inch Printing that uses less ink. Just like its name, this setting is made for your drafts. 

Aside from that, there’s also a setting called Duplex Printing. This setting uses one paper sheet for every two pages. This setting is perfect for basic needs. On the other hand, Multiple Pages per Sheet is used for printing slideshows that you want to fit in a single paper. 

There’s also a Limiting Color setting that lets you change the exposure or brightness so that it won’t use much ink. This is best for not-so-important photos in a document. 

Cut Your Paper

Cutting paper count can help you cut your ink too. Checking the exact number of papers required for a document before printing it first would work. This would avoid reprinting wasted spaces. 

Aside from that, looking for a cheaper paper with just the right quality can lead to significant savings. Instead of buying a piece that’s made for inkjet or laser papers, going for the multipurpose one wouldn’t hurt. Besides, inkjet and laser printers can still print with high-quality results in multipurpose paper.

You can use this kind of paper for a wide range of purposes. Typically, it’s made for different types of machines. That already means you don’t need to buy a compatible printer for it.

Besides, unique papers that are heavy should be used rarely. If you happen to print mistakenly, you’ll lose much more money if you have used the special ones. 

Prioritise Printer

Having too many printers has its advantages and disadvantages too. If the goal is to cut printing expenses, it’s wise to just stick to one printer. This is because using other printers means adding. 

The initial phase in gadget allocation is concluding what you genuinely need. Most workplaces, for instance, don’t have to give individual printers for each department. Having departments share with specific machines saves power and makes cost following simpler. 

Besides, they’re not always being used except if it’s a printing company. Simply ensure you pick the best printer intended to deal with your printing needs. 

Using Old Printer

If you have an older printer that is still usable in your office, you should seriously think about updating it. Obsolete printers can dial your office back and cost you cash in more than one way. 

However, older printers don’t print as quickly as new printers like Laser Printers. And older printers utilise more ink or toner for similar positions. It’s highly suggested that you print black and white documents with older printers. 

It could still help you. Rather than using the cash to buy a new one, you could use it for maintenance. 

On the other hand, newer printers can naturally track and report use, effectiveness. And other significant measurements to assist you with improving your current circumstance. 


You are dealing with your armada of office printers, from administration to provisions, maybe a cerebral pain. Moving to a Print Services Support can be your most ideal choice for this situation. They can advise you options on where you’ll have less money to spend. 

It can be changing your paper supply or upgrading your printer. And some additional tips too. They are professionals who can help you with your current circumstance and control your printing costs.

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