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When Is The Best Time To Upgrade Or Replace Your Office Copy Machine

A broken copy machine could hinder your business. From scanning to mobile printing, multi-function copiers can do almost everything. So when it breaks down, it could be a big problem for your business. But when is the best time to replace or upgrade your copier? If you wait too long, the machine could shut down and cause significant delays in your transactions and processes. Luckily, some signs indicate that it’s time to replace or upgrade your copy machine. Here are some of them.

  • Poor performance

Do you need to wait for the device to finish everything? Perhaps you’ve been putting up with poor print quality for quite some time. There’s a quick and easy way to solve this problem. Replace your copy machine if you’re not satisfied with its performance. Get a new model that can meet your demands.

  • Trouble finding replacement parts

You might have a hard time finding replacement parts for outdated and old copier machines. That’s a sign that you should replace your copier with a new one. Since it uses old technology, it will become harder to fix and maintain the machine. By upgrading your copier, you can access the latest technology and supplies. 

What if it’s a new copier, but you still have difficulty finding replacement parts? You don’t have to worry because you can call local authorized dealers to help you. Local copier providers can find the replacement parts and supplies you need so that you can focus on your daily tasks. Moreover, they can repair and maintain the copy machine for you.

  • Complaint from employees

Your employees use the copy machine every day. Suppose they’re upset or frustrated that the copier works slower than usual or breaks down often. In that case, it’s time to replace it with a better one. Upgrading the copy machine will make the team happy and improve their productivity. 

  • Security concerns

Newer copy machines have sophisticated security features that protect you from data leaks and other cyber threats. Older copiers may not have these features. This flaw can put your company at risk, but upgrading your copier can help solve this problem.

  • Meet your printing needs

Your printing needs will change as your business grows. If the current copier doesn’t support your needs, you should upgrade to a better one. Local authorized dealers can help you pick a copier that meets your printing needs. Another option is to lease a copy machine instead of purchasing it. 

  • More control

Copy machines are often misused. Some employees make color copies instead of black and white, while others use the device to copy personal documents. Misuse causes wear and tear. If you want to control the copy machine, you should consider upgrading your old one. You have two options – choose who has access to the device or buy a new copier that allows you to set the user control. 

  • Replace old copy machines

How long have you been using the machine? The age of the machine and the number of copies and prints it produces will determine its lifespan. If it’s already at the end of its lifespan, you should replace it with a new one. Some businesses decide to rent copiers because the lease cycle gives them a refresh timeline. And since they don’t have to maintain the machine, they can save on repair and maintenance costs.


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Upgrading your copy machine is one of the best ways to improve efficiency and productivity in your office. Aside from making your employees happy, your documents will also look more professional. Besides, upgrading your copier will help you save money and time. If you’re not yet ready to purchase a copier, you can always rent one.