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When Is the Best Time to Replace or Upgrade Your Office Copy Machine?

Because of this heavy use, the typical rule of thumb is that most business copiers endure about five years. However, this figure varies depending on the copier’s brand, model, and style and how frequently you have it serviced.

How long should a copier in an office last?

A decent average for predicting the performance life of a modern copier is five years, taking into account all aspects that affect commercial copier lifespans. That is to say. Most copiers can be expected to last five years with moderate use and appropriate printing demands.

Poor print quality can happen even if you use any printer regularly. But this is not enough reason for you to upgrade. 

There are a few troubleshooting tricks that you should try first. If it works for you, the printer would likely have improved quality. Cleaning your printer by a service provider can remove the streaky lines that could usually get fixed by the printer’s troubleshooter itself.

When is it time to upgrade your printer?

A printer’s average lifespan is about 3-5 years. Some printers can survive longer with careful care and maintenance, but eventually, you will need to upgrade.

And because technology is evolving, you would find yourself being a little behind and unproductive because you are using a printer that does not maximize your printing goals. 

If so, you should try using laser printers or, even better, the inkjet ones. Laser printers are made for heavy paper printouts. On the other hand, inkjet can help you more with printing and photograph printing. 

They use a different kind of paper too. While you can use just the same kind and brand of paper, using what is recommended for them does the job much better.

Also, if your printer is pretty old for sure, it would run much slower. Because of this, the parts inside might have been already torn and worn out from repeatedly using it. But this also depends on the model of the printer. 

Should you upgrade your ink or cartridges? 

Ink tanks can produce up to 6,000 to 7,000 pages from one refill only. This is significantly higher than ordinary cartridges. A last sure for ink tank printers is that there is a marginally expanded nature of printing.

The main distinction between an inkjet and ink tank printer is that: inkjet printers get ink from independent cartridges, while – ink tank printers have more huge ink repositories that supply ink into the cartridges through a cylinder.

Rather than overpaying for cartridges without fail, you will need to find a printer that utilizes cheap cartridges with a high page yield. Ink tank printers like the Epson EcoTank series are a decent choice for home clients with high-volume printing necessities, and laser printers are ideal for organizations. Figure out how to pick a spending plan cordial printer with our total purchasing guide here.

Is It Worth Fixing a Printer?

 However much you might adore your printer, you would rather not spend more than that since it merits fixing. 

Assuming that your printer model is repairable, you could possibly receive more use in return. Sadly, most models are non-repairable because of the absence of accessible parts. Sometimes, the expense of the components is more than the expense of the printer, so it would be a superior plan to purchase another machine.


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Your printer’s life span also gets affected by the time you don’t usually use it and not only the frequency of you using it. Because not using it for a long time might put the materials inside stagnant, which means the printer won’t likely move.